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20# steel precision tube characteristics and application
Mar 30, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the 20# steel precision tube is obtained after cold drawing or hot rolling, and belongs to a high-precision steel pipe material. Because the inner and outer walls of the precision steel pipe of 20# steel have no oxide layer, can withstand high pressure, no leakage, high precision, high smoothness, no deformation due to cold bending, no flaring, and no cracks due to flattening, they are mainly used for the production of pneumatic or hydraulic components. For example, cylinder or cylinder.


In addition to iron, the chemical composition of 20# steel precision tubes includes: carbon C, silicon Si, manganese Mn, sulfur S, phosphorus P, and chromium Cr.


20# steel precision tube and seamless steel tube:


In comparison, seamless steel tubes are mainly welded without seams. The main advantage is that they can withstand greater pressure. The product can be very rough cast or cold dial. The 20# steel precision tube is a new type of product that has emerged in recent years. It mainly has strict tolerances and roughness on the inner bore and outer wall dimensions.


20# steel precision tube production process:


In fact, the production process of the 20# precision steel pipe is basically the same as that of the ordinary seamless pipe, but it is just one more final pickling and cold rolling process. The process can be summarized as: tube blanks - inspection - peeling - inspection - heating - perforation - pickling passivation - grinding - lubrication drying - cold rolling - to oil - cut the head - Inspection - identification, and finally the finished product packaging.


The use of 20# steel precision tube:


20# steel precision tubes are mainly used in production work such as automotive and mechanical parts, etc., where the accuracy and finish of steel tubes are relatively strict. In addition to the high precision and smoothness, the 20# precision steel tube can also significantly reduce the loss of work, material, and time during the processing, and has gradually been widely used.

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