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45# steel piston rod protruding features?
Jul 18, 2018

First of all, when the precision piston rod is being processed, it should be noted that if it is under normal circumstances, if the load of the precision piston rod is not particularly large, then it is necessary to pay attention to the use of 45# steel. To manufacture. As for the outstanding characteristics of 45# steel making precision piston rod, let's briefly introduce it.


The main material used in the 45 steel piston rod is 45# steel, which is actually a very common medium carbon tempered structural steel. It is precisely because of this that it will have higher strength and better. The machinability, especially after it has been properly heat treated, will inevitably result in certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance.


Because of this, the 45 steel piston rod has been widely welcomed. When the 45 steel piston rod is used in practice, it shows good comprehensive mechanical properties, and also ensures that the piston rod can have enough working strength and extend its Actual service life.

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