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Analysis of the key points of hollow piston rod
Jan 17, 2019

In view of the practical application requirements of the hollow piston rod, it is necessary to rationally formulate the process flow during processing. The first is the selection of materials, especially in the key parts of the product should be after the quenching and tempering treatment and surface nitriding, to meet the hardness requirements. Moreover, this process can make the piston rod have certain toughness and good wear resistance.


In fact, the structure of the hollow piston rod itself is very simple, but because the long diameter is relatively large, in order to ensure the machining accuracy, the roughing and the finishing are separated during the turning, and the coarse and fine cars are always used with the tool holder to reduce the processing time. Deformation of the workpiece, the center frame is used when machining the threads at both ends. In the selection of the positioning reference, in order to ensure the coaxiality tolerance of the parts and the mutual positional accuracy of each part, all the machining processes are positioned with two center holes, which conforms to the principle of standardization.


In addition, in order to prevent the machining accuracy of the hollow piston rod from being affected during the grinding process, it is required to repair the center hole during processing and to ensure the cleaning of the center hole, the tightness between the center hole and the tip should be appropriate, and ensure good

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