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Causes of leakage outside Oil Cylinder Piston Rod
Nov 08, 2018

Oil Cylinder Piston Rod leakage is a common phenomenon, especially for hydraulic equipment working under severe conditions, the surface of the piston rod often adheres to dust, dirt, salt spray, etc., and is hit by hard materials such as stones. There are also quite a lot of opportunities.


In general, the main reasons for the leakage of the piston Oil Cylinder Piston Rod are:

1. The combination seal structure for the shaft is unreasonable. At present, the main sealing structure of Oil Cylinder Piston Rod is the dust ring + low pressure seal (Y-ring) + high pressure seal (combination seal for the shaft). After years of research, the Y-ring is a relatively mature structure.


2. The matching clearance between the piston rod and the guide sleeve of the cylinder is improperly selected. According to the design principle of the hydraulic cylinder, the fitting tolerance of the piston rod and the guide sleeve is H9/f8. However, in practical applications, if the two are matched to the minimum tolerance value, due to the long-term overloading of the construction machinery, the material expands under high temperature conditions, which is likely to cause a sharp decrease in the oil film on the surface of the piston rod, and the lubrication effect of the sealing lip is reduced, and the local temperature exceeds the seal. The allowable temperature of the ring causes the sealing ring to age at a high temperature and lose the sealing effect.


3. There is a bump on the surface of the piston Oil Cylinder Piston Rod. For example, some small pits are formed on the surface of the cylinder. This causes the friction between the seal ring and the piston rod to increase, and the seal ring wear fails. At present, this has become one of the main problems in the early piston rod leakage of hydraulic cylinders.

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