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cold drawn seamless steel tubing operation technical requirements
Jan 09, 2019

Before the heat treatment of the cold drawn seamless steel tubing, it is necessary to check whether the specific specifications, steel number, furnace number, quantity, etc. of the incoming material are consistent with the process flow transfer card. If it does not match, it should be reported immediately. It is important to remember that the discharge should be uniform when entering the furnace, and the two sides should be bent into the furnace. When the discharge is not overlapped, the steel pipes with similar wall thickness should be continuously heat treated. When the wall thickness difference is large, the two batches should be separated by a certain distance (2 -3) meters to adjust the roller speed to meet different heat treatment process requirements.


It should be noted that in the process of heat treatment of cold drawn seamless steel tubing, the material of different furnace number and steel number should be turned or marked to distinguish. When discharging, pay attention to clearing a batch of pipe materials in the same place to prevent the pipe material from remaining in the furnace and mixing with the rear discharge, causing the accident of mixing furnace and making the original record.


After the heat treatment is completed, the sample shall be sampled and tested. If the sample is unqualified in the cold drawn seamless steel tubing test, according to the corresponding standard, double samples shall be taken for the re-inspection of the unqualified item. If there is a sample that fails the test, except for the unqualified steel pipe, the remaining steel pipe shall be sampled or reheated according to the corresponding standard. Otherwise, the batch of steel pipe shall not be submitted to the finishing process, but the number of reheating times No more than 2

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