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Cold drawn steel tube production process and basic process
Oct 25, 2018

Cold drawn steel tube is a product obtained by deep processing of welded pipe by cold-rolled steel pipe unit. In actual processing, different processing methods and corresponding auxiliary are selected according to metal processing property, pipe size, quality requirements, investment and benefit. Process.


At present, there are four basic processing procedures for Cold drawn steel tubes: the first is the supply of pipe materials, and the pipe materials used are usually hot rolled rolled or semi-finished pipes, extruded pipes and welded pipes; 2. Pipe preparation, including inspection , bundling, pickling, washing, rinsing, neutralization, drying, coating lubricants, etc.; 3, cold processing (cold rolling or cold drawing); 4, finished product finishing including finished heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting head and tail , inspection (manual inspection and various flaw detection), hydraulic test, oiling, packaging, storage, etc. Different product finishing content is different.


In the process of processing cold-drawn steel pipes, the corresponding cold-drawn and cold-rolled mills in the unit help to give full play to their respective advantages, especially for the production of high-alloy steel pipes such as stainless steel and non-deformable non-ferrous metal pipes. necessary.

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