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Effect of Cryogenic Treatment of 45 # Quilting Tube on High Speed Steel
Nov 29, 2017

The relative abrasion resistance of the mold after 45 # quilting tube cryogenic treatment is improved by 40%. After prolonging the cryogenic treatment time, the relative wear resistance ξ increases with no significant change of hardness.
In the process of cryogenic treatment, a large amount of retained austenite is transformed into martensite, especially the supersaturated metastable martensite will reduce supersaturation during precipitation from -196 ℃ to room temperature, precipitation and dispersion , The size of only 20-60A and coherent relationship with the matrix of ultrafine carbides, can reduce the martensite lattice distortion, micro-stress reduction, and fine dispersed carbide can be dislocated in the plastic deformation of materials Exercise, thereby strengthening the matrix organization.
At the same time, as the ultrafine carbides are precipitated and uniformly distributed on the martensite matrix, the grain boundary catalytic action is weakened, while the refinement of the matrix structure not only weakens the segregation degree of the impurity elements at the grain boundary but also strengthens the grain boundary strengthening Effect, thereby improving the performance of high-speed steel, the hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance were significantly improved. 45 # Hanging tube mold high hardness, its wear resistance is also good, such as the hardness increased from 60HRC to 62-63HRC, 45 # Hanging tube wear increased by 30% -40%

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