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High precision cold drawn tube performance and basic processing
Nov 06, 2018

Cold drawn finishing pipe is also called High precision cold drawn tube. Its main features are: no oxide layer on the surface, high tolerance of dimensional tolerance, product precision control of ±5mm, good internal and external wall finish. The High precision cold drawn tube has excellent comprehensive performance, can withstand the effects of high pressure, cold bending and flaring, and has the advantages of flattening without cracking, no wrinkling, and can do various complex deformations and mechanical processing.


Advantages of High precision cold drawn tube: The promotion and use of this product can save steel and reduce waste of resources. At the same time, it can improve processing efficiency, reduce processing and equipment investment, save cost and greatly save machining time, improve production and material utilization. The rate is also conducive to improving product quality and reducing costs.


The basic processing steps of High precision cold drawn tubes: generally, different processing methods and corresponding auxiliary processes are selected according to the processing properties of metal materials, pipe size and quality requirements. The basic processes of cold-rolled cold drawn tubes are: pipe material supply, pipe material preparation, cold working, and finished product finishing.

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