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Honing tube and tube is the same as the tube?
Nov 29, 2017

Hanging tube using rolling processing, the surface layer left residual compressive stress on the surface to help seal the tiny cracks, hinder the expansion of erosion. Thereby enhancing the surface corrosion resistance, and can delay the occurrence of fatigue cracks or expanded, thus increasing the fatigue strength of the quilting tube. By rolling and forming, the rolling surface forms a layer of cold hardening layer, which reduces the elasticity and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair, thereby improving the wear resistance of the inner wall of the quilting pipe and avoiding the burns caused by grinding . After rolling, the reduction of the surface roughness value can improve the mating property.
Rolling is a non-chip processing, the use of plastic deformation at room temperature, so that the micro-surface roughness of the workpiece rolling to achieve the change of surface structure, mechanical properties, shape and size purposes. Therefore, this method can achieve both finishing and strengthening of the two purposes, grinding can not be done.
No matter what kind of processing method of processing, the surface will always leave fine uneven marks, staggered peaks and valleys,
Rolling principle: It is a pressure finishing, is the use of metal at room temperature cold plastic characteristics, the use of rolling tools on the workpiece surface to exert a certain pressure to make the workpiece surface metal plastic flow, fill the original residue Of the low valley, and to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. Due to the plastic deformation of the metal being rolled, the surface structure is cold-set and the crystal grains are thinned to form a dense fibrous shape and a residual stress layer is formed, the hardness and the strength are improved, thereby improving the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface Sex and cooperation. Rolling is a non-cutting plastic processing methods.

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