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How to choose the Stainless Steel Precision Piston Rod blank
Nov 21, 2018

The quality of the selected blank will greatly affect the final processing quality and performance of the Stainless Steel Precision Piston Rod. Usually we will choose the blank of 38CrMoAlAn alloy structural steel. The 38CrMoAlAn alloy structural steel can obtain high core strength, excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance after quenching and tempering treatment and surface nitriding.


If the Stainless Steel Precision Piston Rods are produced in small batches, in order to maximize the work efficiency during processing, it is necessary to choose free forging to make the blanks. However, when free-forging blanks are used, the blank dimensions and shape determination are performed. Cylindrical blanks are generally recommended for piston rods produced in small batches.


At the same time, it is necessary to consider the size of the Stainless Steel Precision Piston Rod blank, and after determining the manufacturing method and size of the Stainless Steel Precision Piston Rod blank and its own tolerance, the piston rod should be turned and shaped. When turning and grinding, the center hole at both ends should be used as the fine reference (according to the principle of uniformity of the standard), and the center hole should be processed before roughing.

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