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How to maintain high-precision cold-drawn tube in use
May 18, 2018

In fact, in many of today's lives, high-precision cold-drawn tubes exist. High-precision cold-drawn tubes have a distinct feature in that they do not require any cutting and welding in the production process. This is the only way to ensure that there is no leakage of these gases during the delivery of gases and liquids, so if there is a weld or a cut, then this high-precision cold drawn tube is very dangerous for transport.

However, it takes a long time for something to be maintained before it is used, just like home refrigerators, televisions, and microwave ovens. In fact, these appliances are needed for maintenance. In fact, not only household appliances, like high-precision cold-drawn tubes are also required for maintenance, especially steel synthesis, then it is easier to rust, resulting in the use of high-precision cold-drawn tubes is not as good as before, so no matter what as long as it is a long time The use of the state of aging will occur, so high-precision cold-drawn tubes also need to be maintained.

In fact, in order to prevent high-precision cold-drawn tubes from rusting, we must first ensure that the surface and environment of the high-precision cold-drawn tubes are clean, otherwise they are easily corroded and chemical reactions occur. When rust is removed, we can also use pickling methods to remove rust. In general, many workers use rust-removal methods based on chemical principles and electrolysis. However, if chemical reactions are used to remove rust, workers must wear protective equipment before cleaning to prevent the body from being affected by chemical elements. But at present, many places do not support the use of chemical acids to clean high-precision cold-drawn tubes, because although the pickling effect of chemical pickling is very good, but the chemical acid will also affect the environment, and even affect the quality of the soil.

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