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Hydraulic chrome rod process and precautions
Jan 23, 2019

Hydraulic chrome rod s are usually made of 35 gauge steel in the application of hydraulic system. The specific processing technology is: cold drawing, one turning, one continuous medium frequency induction hardening, one pre-grinding outer circle, one pre-finishing outer circle, one fine grinding Round one super finishing one electroplating chrome one dehydrogenation tempering one super fine grinding. In order to improve the relationship between the surface quality of the piston rod and the corrosion resistance, a super finishing process is added before the chromium plating.


In the process of electroplating the hydraulic piston rod, the pre-plating inspection should be carried out first, followed by mounting, chemical degreasing, electric degreasing, water washing, activated pickling, water washing, reverse etching, chrome plating of the piston rod, Recycling, washing, unloading, and finally inspection.


It should be noted that before the electroplating of the hydraulic chrome rod, considering the influence of the processing stress, it is recommended to perform the disposing treatment in advance, because if there is stress, it may be released at any time, which will affect the quality of chrome

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