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Hydraulic cylinder installation and commissioning technology
Jun 01, 2018

Hydraulic cylinder installation:

When installing, ensure that the direction of the connecting rod at the top end of the piston rod should be consistent with the direction of the cylinder head, earrings, (or middle hinge), and ensure the straightness of the entire piston rod during advance and retreat to prevent rigid interference phenomenon and cause unnecessary damage.

After the hydraulic cylinders are installed, grease should be applied to the rhyme parts such as earrings and intermediate hinges before the trial operation.

Two hydraulic cylinder debugging

1 hydraulic oil requirements

1.1 Pay attention to the range of pressure and temperature changes.

1.2 It should be checked whether the oil used by the system is consistent with the allowed use of the cylinder.

1.3 Mineral oils in accordance with DIN 51 524 are generally used.

2 Exhaust requirements for hydraulic cylinders

2.1 Under no-load pressure, let the cylinder work repeatedly for a period of time to drain the air in the cylinder and piping.

2.2 Loosen the screw plug in the cylinder with exhaust screw plug. When there is no more air bubbles in the outflowing oil, the screw plug can be locked.

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