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Important parameters and instructions for hard chrome-plated rods
Jul 06, 2018

1. What are the basic parameters of stainless steel hard chrome-plated rods?

The basic parameters of stainless steel hard chrome-plated rods and ordinary chrome-plated rods are straightness, hardness, etc. In addition, there are some other parameters. The straightness is 0.05-0.1 m/m, and the hardness can reach HRC 55-58. Moreover, if it has special requirements, the surface thereof can be processed by high-wave processing or the like.


2. Is there a difference between hard chrome plating and hard chrome plating?

Ordinary chrome plating is decorated with decorative chrome, while hard chrome plating is mainly used to increase the surface hardness of the workpiece. Hard chrome plating is generally carried out under high temperature conditions. The chrome plating is designed to achieve the purpose of beautiful appearance, good surface brightness and the purpose of rust prevention.


3. Instructions for using hard chrome-plated rods

A hard chrome rod, the thickness of this chrome rod is above 20um and the hardness is 800-900HV. Moreover, the hard chrome plating process used can effectively improve the hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece. Therefore, it is a process with good use value and can have good use efficiency.

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