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Inertia force and energy saving requirements of steel piston rod
Jul 11, 2018

The main sealing ring of the steel piston rod is a lip seal with two sealing lips and tight fit at the outer diameter, which prolongs the service life of the sealing member, and eliminates the influence of the shortness of the coaxiality to a certain extent, and isolates the low temperature. Fluid, absorbed intrusion, regardless of the shape of the piston and cylinder bore gap. In this way, the inertia force will be produced at the end of the journey. In the operation of the excavator, the total area under the curve represents the absorbed kinetic energy.


The steel piston rod will effectively install the dirt-staining ring at both ends of the piston. The passive centering and the supporting ring have high pressure bearing capacity. When the operation is performed, the dust-proof ring is a dust-proof ring, which shows that the buffering is constant. Stressfulness. Providing high lateral bearing intelligence, because it has impurities to submerge, it has strong anti-extrusion intelligence under low pressure and large gap, and introduces buffer at the end of the journey.


The technology of steel piston rod has the advantages of large power-to-weight ratio, small volume, high frequency response, good controllability of pressure and flow, flexible transmission of power, easy realization of linear motion, etc. Pneumatic transmission has energy saving, no pollution, low cost and safety. Reliable, simple structure and other advantages, and easy to combine with microelectronics, electrical technology to form an automatic control system.

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