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Material for pistons and piston rods in hydraulic cylinders
May 16, 2018

Hydraulic cylinders are mainly composed of cylinders, pistons, piston rods, and other auxiliary components. Not only are the components carefully designed, but their materials are also deliberately selected. They are all designed to meet the characteristics of hydraulic cylinders.

The material of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder has a certain connection with its structural form. Generally, the integral piston is mostly made of 35 steel and 45 steel; and the assembled piston is made of gray cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc. The outside of the steel piston blank can be fitted with bronze, brass and nylon wear sleeves.

In a hydraulic cylinder, the piston and the associated piston rod work together, so the material of the piston rod is similar to that of the piston and is generally both 35 and 45 steel. Only alloy materials such as 55 steel or 40Cr are used only when the shock of the hydraulic cylinder is large.

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