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Measures to prevent overheating of Oil Cylinder Piston Rod
Oct 06, 2018

The use of the Oil Cylinder Piston Rod will directly affect the operation of the entire hydraulic system. This is because the cylinder piston rod is a key component of the hydraulic cylinder that connects the piston and the working part with high technical requirements, and needs to withstand large tensile stress during the working process.


Therefore, the selected Oil Cylinder Piston Rod should not only have sufficient strength, hardness and toughness, but also have high wear resistance in order to prolong its service life. For the user, it is also necessary to maintain proper operation during daily use to prevent the piston rod from overheating. For example, when it is found that the piston rod and the stuffing box are deflected during assembly, causing local friction, it should be adjusted in time.


In addition, during the operation of the hydraulic system, if the holding spring of the sealing ring is too tight, the Oil Cylinder Piston Rod of the cylinder will overheat, and appropriate adjustment is needed to reduce the friction. If the axial clearance of the seal ring is too small, the axial clearance should be adjusted as required. If the amount of oil is insufficient, the amount of oil should be increased appropriately. Note that if there is a poor running-in condition between the Oil Cylinder Piston Rod and the seal ring, it is necessary to strengthen the running-in during the research to prevent overheating.

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