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Overview of cold-drawn seamless steel tube technology and equipment
Apr 11, 2018

Cold-drawn seamless steel tubes are a new type of high-tech energy-saving products. With the development of the market, it can be seen that various specifications of cold-drawn seamless steel pipe products have been widely used in domestic hydraulic, pneumatic cylinders, coal underground support (pillars), oil pump tubes and jacks and other manufacturing fields.


With the promotion and use of cold-drawn seamless steel tubes, it is of great significance to save steel materials, improve material utilization, improve processing efficiency, save energy, and reduce the investment in hydraulic cylinder and cylinder processing equipment.


The main features of cold drawn seamless steel tube products:


Compared with ordinary products, cold drawn seamless steel pipe products have more stringent requirements in terms of quality and so on. Generally, the inner and outer diameters have dimensional accuracy (tolerance range) strict, and the inner and outer surfaces of the product have good smoothness, roundness, straightness, etc., and the wall thickness is kept uniform.


In practical applications, we can directly use hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder block tubes after a certain honing process is applied to cold drawn seamless steel pipe products. The production process of traditional hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and tubes is the use of hot-rolled seamless steel tubes and the use of boring-rolling combined cutting technology. During the production process, cutting large amounts of metal into chips is not only a waste of material, but also It will consume a lot of electricity.


At present, with the development of production technology, the cold-drawn seamless steel pipe products obtained by adopting new technologies and cold-drawing methods have such advantages: 1. High production efficiency; 2. High quality rate; 3. High metal utilization rate. Moreover, the use of such cold drawn seamless steel tubes can also improve the mechanical properties of the finished tube metal.

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