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Precision honed tube processing features
Mar 23, 2018

Nowadays, the application of honed tube is becoming more and more common, and thus the processing of them is getting more and more attention. Especially in the process of precision honing tube processing, good processing technology will be able to further improve the quality of precision honing tube processing. Here we come to understand its processing characteristics.


Compared to other similar products, precision honed tubes have higher machining accuracy. Especially in the processing of some small and medium through-holes, the cylindricity accuracy can reach higher standards. In general, honing is more precise than grinding. This is because the bearing supporting the grinding wheel is located outside the bore hole during grinding, so there will be a certain deviation, especially when machining the small hole, the grinding accuracy is worse. Therefore, the honing process can significantly improve the shape accuracy of the workpiece.


If you need to improve the precision of the precision honing tube, you need to take some appropriate measures. For example, use a panel to improve the perpendicularity of the part's end face to the axis. That is, the panel is mounted on the stroke bracket and adjusted so that it is perpendicular to the rotating spindle, and the parts are machined against the panel.


At the same time, the surface quality of the precision honed tube is also higher. Under normal circumstances, the surface is cross-woven, which can provide favorable conditions for the storage of oil and the maintenance of the oil film, and has a high surface support rate. Therefore, in the application, it can withstand a large load and is resistant to wear, thereby increasing the service life of the product.


In addition, during the processing of precision honing tubes, the cutting allowance is very small. In order to achieve the required precision of the design, honing is the least removal method in all machining methods. Moreover, in the honing process of the precision honing tube, the honing tool removes the surplus of the workpiece with the workpiece as the guide to achieve the desired accuracy of the workpiece.

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