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Precision honed tube technology and advantages
Jan 24, 2018

Precision honed tube is a high-tech energy-saving products, it has been widely used in the domestic hydraulic, pneumatic cylinders, coal mounts, oil pump pipe, jack and other manufacturing areas, to save steel, improve processing efficiency, save energy, reduce hydraulic cylinder , Investment in cylinder processing equipment is of great significance.


Precision honing tube after a little honing, can be used directly as hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder tube, while the traditional hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder tube production process is the use of hot-rolled seamless steel tubes, the use of boring - rolling joint The cutting process, the production process, a large number of metal is cut into chips wasted, but also consume a lot of electricity.


Obviously, the use of precision honed tube completely changed this drawback, not only greatly simplifies the pipe production process, but also effectively reduce the material waste, significant energy saving effect. The key is precision honing tube production efficiency has also increased a lot, helps to increase production.


In the production of precision honing tube process, the advanced rolling and honing process can reduce the generation of waste, the genuine rate of up to 95% or more; not only that, the mechanical properties of precision honing tube has also been greatly improved, in particular Is the strength of metal, with a substantial increase.


Precision honing pipe is a seamless hot-rolled steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe as a blank, after chemical treatment in a special cold-rolling mill molding, the pipe after forming but also further honing, so as to improve the surface quality, so as to better meet each Industry needs of the application.

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