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Precision seamless steel tube characteristics and applicant
Mar 01, 2018

Precision seamless steel tube is a kind of high precision steel tube ,which is cold rolled or cold drawn process. They have many advantages no oxide layer ,bear higher pressure, no leakage ,high precision ,perfect roughness, less deformation, flatten without crack, etc.. So, they are widely used for manufacturing the products, such as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder.

precision seamless tube description:

From the element analysis, the main chemistry element includes, C, Si, Mn, S , P, Cr.

It can be assured of its precision via strictly select the raw material and machining procedure

The main differences between precision seamless steel tube and standard seamless steel tube:

Comparing to the standard seamless steel tube, the advantages of precision seamless steel tube comes from two factors. One is the dimension of accuracy reaching to 0.05mm. The other is the perfect roughness of inside hole. It is directly used for the production, without further machining ,while the standard seamless steel tube need further lathe, polish

Precision seamless steel tube feature and applicable range:

At present, during the manufacturing precision seamless tube, it adopts to select the alloy higher strength steel with yield strength 686Mpa and this material has a good comprehensive mechanical properties. After different kinds of heat treatment, the mechanical properties will be risen.

After that, the precision steel tube will be used under many kinds of working condition. In practical applicant, the anti-corrosion of precision steel tube is three times than low carbon steel tube. It is used for the manufacturing of machinery construction ,hydraulic equipment , auto components ,etc.

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