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Process and characteristics of Cold rolled seamless steel tube
Jan 05, 2018

Cold rolled seamless steel tube is a new type of pipe, the main feature is the high precision. In the production process usually two-roll mill and three-roll mill production of two production processes, three-roll mill to produce cold-rolled seamless steel pipe higher precision, can be controlled within a few filaments, but the price is relatively Higher.

Cold-rolled seamless steel pipe to a certain extent, promote the use of steel-saving, when used can enhance the efficiency of its processing, saving energy when in use, the so-called high-precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe is the inner and outer diameter of the strict precision , Internal and external surface finish, roundness, straightness, can greatly save machining hours, improve material utilization, and help improve product quality.

The advantage of cold rolled seamless steel pipe Hu Zhengyao is that the cross section reduction rate is large, especially when it is used, the ability of reducing the wall is strong. For carbon steel, the reduction rate of the cross section of a rolling can reach 80% ~ 83% 72% ~ 75%.

In addition to the cold-rolled method used in the production of some high-precision cold-rolled tube, it is often used in conjunction with the cold drawing method for the cold-drawn billet. This will not only give full play to the ability to reduce the cold-rolled wall, but also skillfully use the advantages of cold-drawn tools easy to replace, help to improve productivity, expand product range and improve the quality of steel surface.

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