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Processing conditions and main uses of hydraulic chrome rod
Nov 13, 2018

It is usually required during processing to ensure that the hydraulic chrome rod is subjected to a very large load in a multi-pull state and a good longitudinal stability in a multi-pressure state. hydraulic chrome rod are usually used in hydro-pneumatics. Because their processing quality directly affects the reliability of the system, the processing requirements are relatively high.


In general, the main requirements for hydraulic chrome rod in processing include: 1. It should be familiar with the specific environmental conditions of the equipment; 2. It should meet the structural characteristics of the working mechanism, load conditions, required speed, size stroke and movement requirements; 3. Meet the selected hydraulic system working pressure; 4. Meet the current conditions of materials, accessories and processing technology as well as relevant national standards and technical specifications.


In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic chrome rod mainly supports the piston to work, and acts on the actuator such as the cylinder. It is a moving part with frequent movement and high technical requirements. For the time being, hydraulic chrome rod are mainly used for piston rods in hydraulic and pneumatic, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, guide columns for plastic machinery, roller shafts for packaging machinery and printing machinery, textile machinery, shafts for conveying machinery, linear motion. Straight optical axis used.

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