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Seamless stainless steel tube processing technology and use environment requirements
Mar 24, 2018

Seamless stainless steel pipe surface has a certain degree of roughness, which is usually called seamless pipe. Seamless stainless steel tubes are mainly used in boilers, central air conditioning, steel structures, machining, pipeline gas, firefighting and so on.


At present, various different processes can be used when making seamless stainless steel pipes. Therefore, according to the different processing techniques, it can be divided into hot rolling, extrusion, cold drawing and cold rolling. In addition, according to the different shape of the end face, it can be divided into round tubes and shaped tubes, of which the most widely used is round steel tubes, but there are also some square, rectangular, semicircular, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagonal and so on.


In order to ensure the use of seamless stainless steel tubes, corresponding tests are often performed. For example, if it is a steel pipe used to withstand fluid pressure, a hydraulic test is required to verify its pressure resistance and quality. No leakage, wetting, or expansion is acceptable under the specified pressure. Some steel pipes also need to be crimped, flared, flattened, etc. according to the requirements.


At present, in the process of manufacturing seamless stainless steel tubes, steel ingots or solid tube blanks are used as raw materials, and then pierced into capillary tubes, which are then hot-rolled, cold-rolled, or cold drawn. The specifications of the seamless steel pipe are expressed in terms of outer diameter*thickness mm. The product has been widely used in many industries, such as petrochemicals, printing and dyeing equipment, sugar equipment, beer pipes, heat exchangers, medical equipment, water treatment equipment, kitchen utensils, auto parts and water supply industries.


It should be noted that in the use of seamless stainless steel pipes, in order to ensure its useful life, it should ensure that its working environment is good. And need to wipe often to remove dust and keep the stainless steel tube clean and dry.

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