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Stainless steel piston rod requirements for materials
Nov 01, 2018

In the current mechanical field, many mechanical products and process equipment are inseparable from the use of piston rods, especially the use of stainless steel piston rods. At the same time, the quality of stainless steel piston rods also affects the normal operation and service life of products and process equipment to a certain extent.


In order to ensure the quality of stainless steel piston rod products, what issues should be paid attention to when selecting materials? In general, it mainly includes five requirements. The first is that the performance of the selected raw materials should conform to the relevant application characteristics and working environment. The second point is about the material's center of gravity, finish, and fineness of the thread. The third is that during normal use, the material should be able to withstand the effects of alternating loads.


The fourth point is that the material selected should meet the structural design requirements of stainless steel piston rods. Finally, in the process of production, the blank of the material should be firstly processed by casting, mechanical roughing and tempering, and the hardness is HB=230-250. When the load is light, the piston rod data is usually made of 45 steel. When there is a large impact force and heavy load transmission, it can be made of 40Cr steel.

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