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Strength of Mechanical Elements
Apr 04, 2018

One of the primary considerations in designing any machine or structure(such as,cylinder tube bearing pressure) is that the strength must be sufficiently greater than the stress to assure both safety and reliability. To assure that mechanical parts do not fail in service,it is necessary to learn why they sometimes do fail. Then we shall be able to relate the stresses with the strengths to achieve safety.

   Ideally, in designing any machine element,the engineer should have at his disposal the results of a great many strength tests of the particular material chosen. These tests should have been made on specimens having the same heat treatment,surface roughness , and size as the element he proposes to design;and the tests should be made under exactly the same loading conditions as the part will experience in service. This means that ,if the part is to experience a bending load, it should be tested with a bending loading. If it is to be subjected to combined bending and torsion, it should be tested under combined bending and torsion.Such tests will provide very useful and precise information. They tell the engineer what factor of safety to use and what the reliability is for a given service life. Whenever such data are available for design purposes, the engineer can be assured that he is doing the best possible job of engineering.

Set an example for the design of cylinder tube bearing pressure.

Normally, the cylinder tube is adopted to cold drawn process technology.The mother material is the hot rolled tube. We need pickling the mother material with phosphating and saponificating. Via cold drawn process in our machine, the structure of steel metal will be tightened finally. So, the final bearing pressure between hot rolled tube and cold drawn seamless tube is different(see the table)

Hot rolled tube

Cold drawn tube

Steel grade















 so, the engineers are designing the cylinder pressure,they mostly use cold drawn seamless tube.


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