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The difference between cold drawn seamless pipe and ordinary seamless steel pipe
Jun 28, 2018

General common seamless steel pipe is characterized by no welding seams and can withstand greater pressure. The product can be a very rough as-cast or cold-picked piece. The cold-drawn seamless pipe is a product that has emerged in recent years. When it is used, the inner hole and the outer wall size will have very strict tolerances and roughness.

The main features of the cold-drawn seamless tube

1. The outer diameter of the cold-drawn seamless tube is smaller, and the precision is higher when it is operated. To a certain extent, small-lot production can be done. During the operation, the precision of the cold-drawing product is high, and the quality of the surface will be to a certain extent. Better, the lateral area of its products is more complex.

2. The performance of cold-drawn seamless tubes is even better. In general, the metal is relatively dense. The use of the entire product is very extensive. The general-purpose seamless tube is directly made of ordinary carbon structural steel and The low-alloy structure or alloy structural steel is rolled with the highest yield, and is mainly used as a pipe or structural part for conveying fluid.

Cold-drawn seamless tube is divided into three types according to different uses

a. Supply by chemical composition and mechanical properties.

b. Supply according to mechanical properties.

c. Supply by water pressure test.

d, according to a, b class supply of steel pipes, such as for the liquid pressure, but also to carry out water pressure test.

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