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The difference between precision steel pipe and seamless steel pipe
Nov 29, 2017

1, the main feature of seamless steel pipe without welding seam, can withstand greater pressure. Products can be very rough cast or cold dial.
2, precision steel tube is the product of recent years, mainly in the hole, the outer wall size has strict tolerances and roughness.
Cold drawn precision steel pipe features:
1). Outer diameter smaller.
2). High precision small batch can be done.
3). Cold drawn high precision, good surface quality.
4). Steel pipe cross-sectional area is more complicated.
5). Pipe superior performance, metal is more dense.

After the difference between hot-rolled steel
Hot-rolled precision tube continuous casting round tube blank or slab as raw material, the stepping heating furnace heating, high-pressure water after descaling into the roughing mill, roughing material through the first, tail, and then into the finishing mill , The implementation of computer-controlled rolling, after finishing rolling through the laminar flow coiling and coiling, a straight hair volume. Straight hair volume head and tail tend to be tongue and fish tail shape, thickness, width accuracy is poor, the edge often exist in the waves, flaps, towers and other defects. The heavy weight, coil diameter of 760mm. The straight hair through the head, tail, trimming and multi-pass straightening, leveling and other finishing lines, and then re-board or re-roll, that is: hot-rolled steel, Cut with other products. If the hot-rolled finishing roll after pickling to remove the oxide coating and oiled into a hot-rolled pickling coil.

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