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The specific processing operation and function of cold drawn steel tube
Feb 03, 2019

In the process of cold drawn steel tube processing, it is necessary to go through many different processing steps. In the normalizing treatment, the steel or steel is heated to a temperature of 30 to 50 ° C above Ac3 or Acm, and after a suitable period of time, the heat treatment process is cooled in still air. Normalizing is mainly to improve the mechanical properties of low carbon steel, improve machinability, refine grains, eliminate tissue defects, and prepare for post-heat treatment.


After the cold drawn steel tube is subjected to hardening and post-treatment, the tempering treatment is followed by heat preservation for a certain period of time and then cooling to room temperature. Common tempering processes are: low temperature tempering, medium temperature tempering, high temperature tempering and multiple tempering. The tempering is mainly to eliminate the stress generated by the steel during quenching, so that the steel has high hardness and wear resistance, and has the required plasticity and toughness.


In the chemical heat treatment process, the hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and oxidation resistance of the cold drawn steel tube surface can be further improved. The solution treatment refers to a heat treatment process in which the alloy is heated to a high temperature single-phase region at a constant temperature to ensure that the excess phase is sufficiently dissolved in the solid solution and then rapidly cooled to obtain a supersaturated solid solution. Solid solution can improve the plasticity and toughness of steel and alloy, and prepare for precipitation hardening

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