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Two processing methods for seamless steel pipes
Jan 29, 2019

The production process of seamless steel pipes can be mainly divided into cold drawing and hot rolling. Relatively speaking, the production process of cold-rolled seamless steel pipes is usually more complicated than the hot rolling process, and the pipe blanks must first be rolled in three rolls. After the pressing, the sizing test is carried out. If the surface does not respond to the crack, the round pipe is cut by a cutter and cut into a blank having a length of about one meter.


When the seamless steel pipe product is processed by the cold drawing process, the blank material is first determined, and then the annealing process is carried out. The annealing is carried out with an acidic liquid for pickling. When pickling, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the surface has a large amount of foaming, if there is a large amount of The blistering indicates that the quality of the steel pipe does not meet the corresponding standards. The wall thickness of cold-rolled seamless steel pipes is generally smaller than that of hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, but the surface looks brighter than thick-walled seamless steel pipes, the surface is not too rough, and the caliber does not have too many burrs.


The hot-rolled seamless steel pipes also require strict manual selection after passing the quality inspection. After the hot rolling treatment, the experiment of perforation is carried out, and if the diameter of the perforation is too large, straightening correction is performed. After straightening, it is sent to the flaw detector by the conveyor to perform the flaw detection experiment. Finally, the label is placed, the specifications are arranged, and then placed in the

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