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Welding process influence of hollow piston rod and its wide application
Nov 07, 2018

The main difference between a hollow piston rod and a conventional piston rod product is that it has a hollow structure inside. The advantage of this structure is that the weight of the piston rod itself is reduced, and the number of frictions between the piston rod and the oil seal of the cylinder block can be reduced. , thereby greatly improving the service life of the piston rod.


Due to its own characteristics, hollow piston rods often require welding by welding. The quality of the weld directly determines the strength of the finished product. These precision slender shaft products are usually manufactured by advanced processes of precision cold drawing, fine grinding and high precision polishing. All technical indicators meet and exceed national standards.


Therefore, the precision hollow piston rod can often be directly used for the oil cylinder and the cylinder piston rod, which are widely used for hydraulic pneumatic and textile printing and dyeing. Printing machinery guide rails, die-casting machines, injection molding machine guides, ejector pins, Corinthic columns, four-column hydraulic press guides and fax machines, copiers, high-speed mimeographs, printers and other modern office machinery guide shafts and other precision slender shafts for the parts industry And products.

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