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What is the processing flow for high-precision cold-drawn steel pipe?
Apr 12, 2018

High-precision cold-drawn steel pipe is one of the seamless steel pipes. Since the cold-drawing process is adopted during processing, and the requirements for accuracy are relatively strict, it is named as high-precision cold-drawn steel pipe.


The main production process flow of high-precision cold-drawn steel pipe is as follows:

Feeding - Visual inspection - Mechanical cleaning - Heating - Annealing - Straightening - Tube processing - Pickling - Neutralization - Washing - Scale - Saponification - Multi-pass cold drawing (Cold rolling) - inspection - cut rule - honing - end processing - straightening - assembly - test pressure - packing.


High-precision cold-drawn steel pipe processing content introduction:


In actual production, it is necessary to perform thermal processing first, and then perform post-processing processing in cold state. High-precision cold-drawn steel pipe is mostly small-caliber, high-precision, and its section is basically circular, and then heat-treated. The main equipment and components used are mandrels, which can be divided into long mandrels and short mandrels according to length. The main tools are external models, internal models, screws and connecting rods.


In order to meet the requirements for use, molds with better hardness and wear resistance should generally be selected. When processing high-precision cold-drawn steel tubes, the method of drawing can cause plastic deformation of the product and enhance the strength of the metal, so it can also extend the service life.


From the current application situation, most of the high-precision cold-drawn steel pipes are used in hydraulic cylinders and cylinder equipment. At the same time, from the perspective of development and application, saving the consumption of metal materials and improving production efficiency are the directions for future development of high-precision cold-drawn steel tubes and problems to be solved.

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