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What kind of material for hydraulic cylinder
May 25, 2018

1, cylinder

The commonly used materials are seamless steel tubes of number 20, 35 and 45. The steel tubes are honed or rolled to a roughness of less than 0.4μm. Low-pressure cylinders can use No. 20 steel tubes, and high-pressure cylinders use No. 45 steel tubes.

2, piston rod

The piston rod has two kinds of solid rods and hollow rods. One end of the hollow rod needs to be reserved for welding and heat treatment.

The solid piston rod material is 35, 45 steel and the hollow piston rod material is 35, 45 seamless steel tubes.

The piston rod is rough processed and then quenched to 229~285HB in India. When necessary, it is quenched by high frequency and its hardness reaches 45~55HRC.

3, cylinder head

Low pressure castings, HT300 gray iron for medium and low pressure, and 35 and 45 medium and high pressure steel.

When the cylinder head itself is the guide sleeve of the piston rod, the cylinder head is preferably cast iron. At the same time, brass, bronze or other wear-resistant materials should be fused on the guide surface. If the structure of the guide sleeve is pressed into the cylinder head, the guide sleeve should be wear-resistant cast iron, bronze or brass.

4, Pistons

Commonly used materials are wear-resistant cast iron, gray cast iron (HT300, HT350), steel and aluminum alloys.

The concentricity tolerance of the piston and piston rod should be 0.03mm.

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