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Cold-drawn Tubes Are Still The Material Of Choice For Construction And Manufacturing
May 08, 2018

The export of precision cold drawn tubes has continuously increased, and the level of international competitiveness has also improved. However, most of them are concentrated in middle and low-grade areas. The technical level of precision cold-drawing tubes is low, and the added value is low. Some high-precision cold-drawing tubes also rely on imports. Therefore, the domestic precision cold drawn tube manufacturing industry must strengthen its integration in its own area, there is no need for excessive competition, and the division of labor must be implemented in technology development. Related industries and enterprises must take a long-term perspective, make a difference, and pay close attention to new technologies and processes. Fang's research has gradually formed a division of labor, collaboration, multi-disciplinary, and all-round scientific research and development pattern, and has introduced precision cold-drawn tube products with independent intellectual property rights. The development of precision cold drawn tubes and other industries can be described in terms of lips and teeth, so the overall level of cold drawn tubes is closely related to the development of related industries.

    Cold drawn tubes are still the material of choice for construction and manufacturing. In addition, some trends in steel production processes and the use of cold drawn tubes will also affect the demand for cold drawn tubes. "Co-design" and "process innovation" are expected to be the key drivers of these trends. In terms of demand, the construction of power stations (including onshore and offshore wind farms), energy transportation, housing, and transportation will provide opportunities for innovative cold-drawn pipe products. Increasing the added value of cold drawn tube products (including tubing) is one of the ways in which cold drawn tube manufacturers can improve their competitiveness and differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, a recent research report shows that due to the fierce competition in the industrial sector of cold drawn tubes, high value-added cold drawn tube products account for only a limited portion of the demand for cold drawn tubes. The production of these high value-added cold-drawn tubes requires the use of high-cost, cold-drawn tube rolling technology, and requires substantial investment in research and development.

    In recent years, the use of plastic silicon carbide mixed pressure honing mill, broaching company suggested: according to different uses can suppress a variety of shapes, so that honing can not only be used to process the inner hole, and can process the outer circle, plane, spherical and various special shape The surface, such as the outer surface of the honing tool is a cylindrical roller, the gear honing tool is an abrasive gear. When selecting the working pressure of Honing Whetstone, the broaching expert reminds: In addition to the above considerations, but also according to the size of the machine power used, the rigidity of the honing head and honing jig, the strength of honing Whetstone, honing; Whetstone and processed surface The actual contact surface and the material of the workpiece, size and shape and other factors are taken into consideration. The working pressure of the honing stone oilstone has a great influence on the honing cutting performance, which directly affects the cutting efficiency, the wear of the honing stone, and the workpiece accuracy and roughness. The stainless steel basket reminds that when the honing pressure is high, the honing amount and honing stone wear are large, and the machining accuracy and surface roughness are also poor. When the honing work pressure is small, the cutting amount and wear of the honing stone are small, and the machining accuracy and surface roughness are good.

    The development of the cold drawn tube industry in recent years has mainly benefited from the support of the national export tax rebate policy. The country’s large output of production capacity is oriented towards the international market. At this time, everyone can peacefully coexist peacefully and stay aloof until 2007. The drawbacks of the overcapacity of the domestic smelting mills have been highlighted, and the export side has also been suppressed by the policies, which has caused the domestic market to become a contestable spot for many manufacturers. The manufacturers with financial and technical strengths will adopt various marketing methods and try to expand their market share. In a series of measures, the price war is often the most commonly used and most effective weapon, but this does not fundamentally solve the problem. Instead, it disrupts the market order. Therefore, with the aid of this industry crisis, the steel factory's efforts to reshuffle the industry can also be regarded as one of the reference reasons for the emergence of extraordinary markets. The rise and fall in product prices is a secondary risk factor that affects the operation of enterprises. The first place belongs to the capital chain. Among the various enterprises in the upper, middle, and lower reaches of the current stainless steel industry, many manufacturers are facing difficulties in breaking the capital chain.