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Honing Tube Is A Kind Of Special Processing Products
Nov 29, 2017

Honing tube is a kind of special processing products, has been in many products have been very good application, but we hope that the entire honing industry can be further developed, that is, to make its application advantages embodied More obvious. How to achieve this goal? First of all, we must make it clear that the application of honing tube to reflect the advantages to improve product quality, compared with other products made of technology, high volume removal, short processing cycle honing tube processing technology can be more ideal product . It is best to CNC machining simulation and optimization process, making honing tube accuracy is improved. Second, different applications require the selection of the corresponding honing tube products and processes, which also includes the appropriate materials, reagents and so on. All in all, honing tube products are obtained to better match the actual situation and keep it in the best condition. In recent years, the application of plastic (Emery) mixed pressed into the honing, broaching company recommends: according to different uses can suppress a variety of shapes, honing can not only be used for processing the hole, and can be processed cylindrical, flat, spherical and various Special surface, such as the cylindrical surface of the honing tool cylindrical honing wheel, honing gear grinding gear.

China has witnessed a rapid development in the field of pipe materials. However, due to the current excess of pipe materials, the vicious competition among enterprises has led to a decline in quality and adversely affected the development of the society. At the same time, it also shows that the quality of our products is very different from that of other countries. The development technology of honing tube needs improvement and improvement. Developed countries in Europe and America as early as the 1980s developed a random copolymer pipe material. Prior to 1999, the raw materials used by domestic pipe manufacturers were all imported materials, mainly from Europe and South Korea. China's Ministry of Construction has pipe as the key to promote the three new plastic pipe devaluation varieties, so rapid development momentum in recent years. In the wake of the global economic crisis and the financial crisis, the spending of shopping malls in China and abroad plummeted. In many occupations, the manufacturing industry was the most affected. The small and medium-sized production companies in various places went bankrupt and collapsed, greatly reducing the manufacturers' confidence in the development of the company. This market is not thinking about how to invent more profit issues, but related to the lifeblood of the company, how to make the company survive in this crisis over, is the manufacturer of key considerations. Therefore, faced with this form, one of the necessary means of stimulating sales to become a merchant at low prices.

In recent years, the development of the honing tube industry has benefited mainly from the support of the State's export tax rebate policy. The large-scale output of domestic products is oriented to the international market. At this time, all of us can live together peacefully until after 2007, Domestic Abrasive tube overcapacity highlighted the shortcomings, exports have also been policy pressure, resulting in the domestic market has become a must for many manufacturers. Manufacturers with financial and technological capabilities will adopt various marketing tools and seek to expand their market share. Price warfare is often the most commonly used and effective weapon in a series of measures, but this does not fundamentally solve the problem , But disrupt the market order. Therefore, with the help of this industry crisis, the steel mills to intensify the industry reshuffle can also be counted as one of the reasons for the emergence of a very market. Product price ups and downs are the secondary risk factors that affect the operation of the enterprise. The top one is the capital chain. Among the enterprises in all walks of life in the upper and lower reaches of the current stainless steel industry, many manufacturers are facing the problem of the capital chain rupture.

Honing tube industry to actively promote technological progress, product innovation, energy saving. Since the honing tube put into operation, blast furnace ironmaking coke ratio, coal injection than the level of greatly increased. Shougang Jingtang honing pipe company 5500 cubic meters of blast furnace dry dust, water purification reached the international level. WISCO, Baosteel's high-grade oriented silicon steel has been able to replace imports.