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How To Manually Operate Hydraulic Cylinder
May 31, 2018

Hydraulic cylinders can be operated manually, but think about it: If the cross-sectional area of a big piston is twice that of a small piston, then if you want to push a one-ton object you need to put more than 2 tons of weight, because there is also a piston and The resistance of the oil seal itself.

1. Before the hydraulic cylinder is disassembled, the hydraulic circuit should be depressurized. Otherwise, the high-pressure oil in the circuit will be quickly sprayed when the tubing connection with the cylinder is loosened. When the hydraulic circuit is depressurized, loosen the handwheel or pressure adjusting screw at the overflow valve to unload the pressure oil, then cut off the power or cut off the power source to stop the hydraulic device.


Hydraulic cylinder


Hydraulic cylinder

2. When disassembling, damage to the top thread of the piston rod, the thread of the oil port, the surface of the piston rod, and the inner wall of the cylinder liner should be prevented. In order to prevent bending or deformation of the elongate member such as the piston rod, a balance of wood support is applied when placing.

3, when the removal of the order to be carried out. Because the structure and size of various hydraulic cylinders are not the same, the disassembly sequence is slightly different. Generally, the two-chamber oil should be drained, then the cylinder head removed, and finally the piston and piston rod removed. When disassembling the cylinder head of a hydraulic cylinder, special tools are used for the card key or snap ring of the internal card key type connection. The use of a flat spatula is prohibited. For the flange type end cap, it must be screwed out. Hammering or hard hammering is not allowed. . When pistons and piston rods are difficult to withdraw, they must not be forcibly ejected. They should be identified and disassembled.