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In The Selection Of Stainless Steel Drawing Machine Sealing Material Must Be Careful
Nov 29, 2017

Cold drawing machine industry to speed up the transformation of economic development, and further increase structural adjustment, efforts to tackle tough problems, do a good job of eliminating backward production capacity, strengthen independent innovation, accelerate joint reorganization, promote energy conservation and emission reduction and other work, and constantly speed up industrial upgrading Pace, and strive to enhance the quality and efficiency of development. In recent years, the application of plastic (Emery) mixed pressed into the honing, broaching company recommends: according to different uses can suppress a variety of shapes, honing can not only be used for processing the hole, and can be processed cylindrical, flat, spherical and various Special surface, such as the cylindrical surface of the honing tool cylindrical honing wheel, honing gear grinding gear. Cold drawing machine is a 4 to 6 sand honing head composed of the hole finishing. Stainless steel basket reminder: honing not only high productivity, and high processing accuracy, the general size accuracy up to IT5 ~ IT6 level, the surface roughness of up to 0.8 ~ 0.1μm, and can correct the deviation of the hole geometry.

Found through practice, deformation and leakage stainless steel drawing machine is often one of the problems, in order to solve nothing more than these ways. The first is to use scratch grinding surface with the method for the cold drawing machine and the equipment of the leveling surface to avoid the adverse consequences of deformation. Second, the local repair welding is also a viable method, as long as the selection of appropriate electrodes to trenches Tim flat, and with a flat or flat feet to develop traces, making the scratch and weld bonding surface in the same plane. Preheat the stainless steel quilting tube before welding, and then carry out segmental back-off or jump-welding at room temperature until completed. In fact, this issue also reminds us that in the selection of stainless steel drawing machine sealing material must be careful to ensure that its quality and performance can meet the stringent requirements of the pipe. The development of the drawing machine industry in recent years has benefited mainly from the support of the state export tax rebate policy. The large-scale output of domestic production is aimed at the international market. At this time, all of us can live together peacefully until after 2007 , The defects of domestic SCR pipe excess capacity are highlighted, and the export side is also pressured by policies, which has led the domestic market to become a must for many manufacturers.

Manufacturers with financial and technological capabilities will adopt various marketing tools and seek to expand their market share. Price warfare is often the most commonly used and effective weapon in a series of measures, but this does not fundamentally solve the problem , But disrupt the market order. Therefore, with the help of this industry crisis, the steel mills to intensify the industry reshuffle can also be counted as one of the reasons for the emergence of a very market. Product price ups and downs are the secondary risk factors that affect the operation of the enterprise. The top one is the capital chain. Among the enterprises in all walks of life in the upper and lower reaches of the current stainless steel industry, many manufacturers are facing the problem of the capital chain rupture. Although the state also supports some small and medium-sized enterprises, it can not remain for some time. Therefore, enterprises can only take appropriate measures to improve production and improve technical quality. For this period of the manufacturers, both opportunities and challenges, who can carry out innovation and upgrading, who will survive in a highly competitive market, become the biggest winner, drawing machine market will enter a new era.

The so-called cold drawn tube refers to the role of honing stone on the surface of the pressure - the pressure per unit area. Not the value on the machine pressure gauge or other pressure values. Select honing whetstone work pressure, broaching experts remind: In addition to the above considerations, but also according to the use of machine power, honing head and honing fixture rigidity, honing whetstone strength, honing; whetstone and the surface to be machined The actual contact surface and the workpiece material, size and shape and other factors fully considered. Honing honing machine, because of its small power honing head and fixture with relatively low rigidity, honing stone working pressure should be reduced, usually 2-5 kgf / cm2. Honing machine stone working pressure on honing cutting a great influence on cutting efficiency, honing stone wear and workpiece accuracy and roughness. Stainless steel basket reminder: honing work pressure, honing cutting and honing whetstone wear are large, the machining accuracy and surface roughness is also poor. Honing working pressure hours, the amount of cutting and honing whetstone wear are small, processing accuracy and surface roughness is good.