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Piston Rod Parts Technical Requirements Analysis
Nov 29, 2017

Parts of the technical requirements analysis
(1) Piston rod in use, to withstand the alternating load,
0.002550 mm × 770mm There is a sealing device reciprocating friction surface, so the process requires high hardness and wear resistance.
Piston rod using 38CrMoAlAn material,
0.002550 mm × 770mm Part of quenched and tempered and surface carburized
Treatment, the core hardness of 23-32HRC, surface nitriding depth 0.2-0.3mm, the surface hardness of 62-65HRC,
Therefore, both the piston rod has a certain toughness, but also has good wear resistance.
(2) Piston rod structure is relatively simple, large aspect ratio, belonging to the slender shaft parts. Rigidity is poor, in order to ensure machining accuracy, roughing car, fine car separate when turning, and rough, fine car all use with the knife holder, to reduce the deformation of work pieces plus processing, the use of the center frame when processing both ends of the thread.
(3) When selecting the positioning datum, in order to ensure the concentricity tolerance of the part and the reciprocal position accuracy of each part, all the machining processes adopt the two center hole positioning to conform to the principle of standardization.
(4) grinding cylindrical table and time, the workpiece easy to produce knife, elastic deformation, affecting the accuracy of the piston rod. Therefore, the processing center should be revising the hole to ensure clean center hole, the center hole and the top tightness should be appropriate, and ensure good lubrication. General choice of grinding wheel: abrasive white corundum (WA), particle size 60 #, hardness in the soft or medium, ceramic bonding agent, the other wheel width should be selected to narrow the radial grinding force to reduce the grinding process, pay attention to the amount of choice, Grinding depth to be small.
(5) in the grinding
00.002550 mm × 770mm Cylindrical and 1:20 taper, the two procedures must be carried out separately. Grinding 1:20 taper, the first grinding test pieces, test pieces after passing the formal grinding of the workpiece.
(1:20 conical surface inspection, is a standard 1:20 ring color coating inspection, the contact surface should be not less than 80%) (6) In order to ensure the stability of piston rod machining accuracy in the entire process of processing In the artificial alignment is not allowed.