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Talking About The Principle And Characteristics Of Hollow Shaft
Nov 29, 2017

Hollow shaft takes up more space, but can reduce the weight. According to the analysis of material mechanics, when the torque is transmitted from the rotating shaft, the greater the effect of transmitting the effective torque when viewed from the radial cross-section. Need to pass a larger torque in the shaft, you need a thicker shaft diameter. However, due to the role of transmitting torque in the axial part of the smaller, it is generally hollow, in order to reduce the weight of the shaft.
A through hole is formed in the center of the shaft body, an inner keyway is opened in the through hole, an outer surface of the shaft body is formed with a stepped cylinder and an external keyway is opened, the central through hole of the shaft is sleeved with the spindle of the squeezer , The input power is transmitted to the main shaft through the driving gear installed on the cylinder on the outer surface of the shaft body to drive the shaft directly.