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Why Do Have Scratch On The Hone Tube?
May 12, 2018

Honing, it is mainly used for the processing of the aperture, usually a cylindrical hole, such as cylinder, valve hole, connecting rod hole and box hole, etc., its processing size is generally 5-500mm, or even larger. And under certain conditions, it can also be processed for cylindrical, flat, spherical and tooth surfaces, etc., and its surface roughness can reach Ra0.32-0.08 microns. If it is precision honing, it can reach Ra0.04 microns or less. Therefore, this processing method seems to be very much used at present, and the equipment used is generally a honing machine.

(1) What are the main reasons for hogging rolled pipes if they are scratched?

A: If there are scratches in the honing rolling tube, there are three main reasons for the problem: the material of the workpiece itself, the problem with the honing rod or honing head, and the problems with the machine's honing fluid. As for the specifics, no detailed analysis will be given here. .

(2) Can the honing rolling tube be used directly after welding?

A: The honing rolling tube can not be used directly after welding because it will cause a variety of problems.

Our company specializes in producing high-precision cold-drawn tubes and honing rolling tubes for hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. The products are also widely used in the production fields of pumping pump tubes, pumping plunger tubes, textile machinery, glass machinery drum tubes, pneumatic drive shafts, and motor shells.