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Skiving Tube

Cylinder after rolling, the surface without sharp tiny edges long period of friction will not damage the seal or seal, which is particularly important in the hydraulic industry.
  • Big Skiving Seamless Tube

    Big Skiving Seamless Tube

    Rolled tube (Skived Tubing) surface is good quality: Cross-textured surface is conducive to the storage of lubricating oil and oil film to maintain. A higher surface support rate (hole and shaft of the actual contact area and the ratio between the two with the ratio), which...Read More
  • 20# 45# Scraping Cold Rolled Seamless Tube

    20# 45# Scraping Cold Rolled Seamless Tube

    Rolled tube compared with the traditional honing has the following advantages: (1) to improve processing efficiency: processing speed is honing nearly 20 times (2) increase the surface hardness: the surface hardness increased by 50%. (3) Processing accuracy: Processing...Read More
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