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304 stainless steel cold drawn tube selection points
Jan 06, 2019

The 304 stainless steel cold drawn tube has higher requirements on the accuracy of the size and quality. Therefore, the selection of the material and specification of the 304 stainless steel cold drawn tube directly affects the drawing progress and the quality of the finished product. So what factors need to be considered when selecting materials? First, in the case of material selection, materials with low hardness and good plasticity are generally selected under the condition of strength guarantee.


Secondly, the specifications of the 304 stainless steel cold drawn tube must be determined according to the specifications of the finished product, so as to ensure the elongation of the product is 20% to 40%. The elongation is too small, the strength of the finished surface cannot be guaranteed, and the drawing is difficult to carry out; the surface of the material cannot have serious defects such as pits, cracks, cracks, folding, crusting, and ellipse.


At the same time, attention should be paid to the pre-treatment quality of 304 stainless steel cold drawn tubes to avoid affecting the surface quality of the finished products. For steel pipes without pre-treatment, the drawing coefficient cannot be carried out due to the excessive friction coefficient between the surface of the steel pipe and the mold during cold drawing; only after the pre-treatment process, the steel pipe is first derusted and treated by phosphating, saponification, etc. The inner and outer surfaces are formed into a dense metal soap film to reduce the friction between the steel pipe and the mold, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the

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