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Analysis of the causes of different steel toughness
Oct 11, 2018

There are thousands of steel products used in various industries. Each steel has a different trade name for its different properties, chemical composition or alloy type and content. Although the fracture toughness value greatly facilitates the choice of each steel, these parameters are difficult to apply to all steels.


The main reasons are:


First, because a certain amount of one or more alloying elements need to be added during the smelting of steel, different microstructures can be obtained by simple heat treatment after the material is formed, thereby changing the original properties of the steel;


Second, because the defects generated during steel making and casting, especially concentrated defects (such as pores, inclusions, etc.) are extremely sensitive during rolling, and between different heats of the same chemical composition steel, even in the same steel billet Different parts change differently, which affects the quality of steel.


Because steel toughness is mainly determined by the microstructure and the dispersion of defects (strictly concentrated defects), rather than chemical composition. Therefore, the toughness changes greatly after heat treatment. To further explore the properties of steel and the causes of fracture, it is also necessary to understand the relationship between physical metallurgy and microstructure and steel toughness.

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