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Application and storage points of cold drawn seamless steel tubing in pipeline
Dec 04, 2018

Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is a kind of pipe material which is widely used in the industrial field. There are many types, including finish rolling, bright tube, precision seamless steel pipe and thick-walled seamless steel pipe. The biggest feature of this pipe material is its seamlessness, so it is also widely used in the field of pipe transportation.


As a pipe transport material, cold drawn seamless steel pipes can be used to transport oil, natural gas, gas and water, and are not easily leaked due to their high precision. From the point of view of mechanical properties, the mechanical properties, hardness and toughness of the product are very good. Of course, depending on the field of use, there are certain requirements for the elongation and yield point of the pipe material.


The correct preservation method of cold drawn seamless steel pipe: 1. The storage warehouse should be clean and clean, and the drainage should be smooth, away from the factories and mines that generate harmful gas or dust; 2. Weeds and all kinds of debris should be removed on the site to keep the steel. clean. It is recommended to choose a common enclosed warehouse, that is, a warehouse with a wall, a tight door and window, and a ventilation device. The warehouse requires clear ventilation on sunny days, and it is necessary to close the moisture on rainy days and maintain a proper storage environment.

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