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Heat treatment system and product characteristics of small high precision honing pipe
Nov 15, 2018

In the process of heat treatment of small high precision honing pipe, annealing treatment is required. In order to screen out the optimal heat treatment process, the heat treatment process set in the laboratory is 750 ° C furnace, 800-980 ° C annealing, and insulation for 1 to 2.5 hours. Cooled to 650 degrees air cooling with the furnace.


A good heat treatment process helps to improve the performance of the finished product, so that the finished small High Precision Honing Pipe has excellent comprehensive performance. Moreover, the quality of the steel can be adjusted to a large extent, the strength, plasticity and toughness are good, and the comprehensive mechanical properties are good. The specific performance is as follows:


1. High precision, effectively reducing the loss during machining;

2, small high precision honing pipe product specifications, can meet the needs of different users, a wide range of applications;

3. The surface quality of the small high precision honing pipe is good and the straightness is good. The performance of the steel pipe is superior and the metal is relatively dense.

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