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Hydraulic piston rod crawling reason and treatment method
Dec 26, 2018

Crawling is a common problem during the use of hydraulic piston rods. The reason why this happens is that it needs to be analyzed in combination with multiple factors. The first may be due to poor coaxiality. Everyone should know that in the hydraulic cylinder, if the coaxiality between the piston and the piston rod is not good, the speed of the hydraulic cylinder will be unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the coaxiality of the piston and the piston rod in time.


The second reason is that the processing accuracy of the relevant components is unreasonable. If the inner wall of the cylinder or the surface of the hydraulic piston rod is low in accuracy, it will seriously affect the low speed stability of the cylinder. In response to this problem, the machining accuracy of the inner wall of the cylinder and the surface of the piston rod should be adjusted to an appropriate range.


In addition, it may also be caused by unreasonable clearance during the structural design of the hydraulic cylinder itself. For example, the sliding fit clearance between the piston and the cylinder body of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic piston rod and the guide sleeve is too large, causing uneven pressure on the sliding surface, which may cause uneven friction and cause the hydraulic cylinder to crawl at a low speed. In response to this problem, the clearance between the internal piston of the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder block, the piston rod and the guide sleeve should be

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