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Is the cold drawn tube bright?
Apr 23, 2018

1. The surface of the cold-drawn tube is black, and there is no special color or light. In fact, if the surface is bright, it is a precision light tube. The cold drawn tube or the cold-rolled precision seamless tube (GB3639-2000) is used for mechanical drawing, high dimensional precision of hydraulic equipment, and good surface finish for cold drawn or cold rolled precision. Seamless steel pipe. If the cold drawn tube is to be bright, it is necessary to improve the production process and process. However, cold drawing is a process. Brightness is the key to the heat treatment after the final product is finished. Brightness must be accomplished under gas protection. Therefore, the cold-drawn tube was completed in a cold-drawn environment and was not completed after the heat treatment. Of course, it had no color.

2. What is the specific process and process of cold-drawn tube?

According to the metal processing performance, pipe size, quality requirements and investment and efficiency to choose different processing methods and the corresponding auxiliary process. The basic steps of the cold-rolled cold-drawn tube are: (1) Tube feeding, and the used tube materials are hot-rolled finished tubes or semi-finished tubes, extruded tubes, and welded tubes;

(2) Tube preparation, including inspection, baling, pickling, cleaning, flushing, neutralization, drying, lubricant coating, etc.; (3) Cold processing (cold or cold drawn); (4) Finished products including Finished products heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting head and tail, inspection (manual inspection and various inspections), hydraulic test, oil coating, packaging, storage and so on. Different product finishing content varies.

The production characteristics of cold-worked tube units are that the tube materials usually undergo many cold deformations and work-hardening from the input to the finished products. Therefore, the entire production process consists of a plurality of preparation processes and deformation processes, and has the characteristics of reciprocating circulation, and thus many processes The production cycle is long, the metal consumption is large, the production efficiency is low, and the general production scale is not large.

The cold-drawn steel pipe is a precision cold-drawn seamless pipe for mechanical structures, high dimensional accuracy of hydraulic equipment and good surface finish. The use of precision seamless pipes to manufacture mechanical structures or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining man-hours, improve material utilization, and help improve product quality.

If you want to obtain seamless tubes with smaller dimensions and better quality, cold rolling, cold drawing, or a combination of both must be used. Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two-high mill, and the steel tube is rolled in a ring-shaped pass composed of a variable-section circular hole groove and a stationary conical head. Cold drawing is usually performed on a single-chain or double-chain cold-drawing machine of 0.5 to 100T. High-quality carbon structural steel cold-draw seamless pipe, mainly made of steel No. 10 and No. 20. In addition to ensuring chemical composition and mechanical properties to do hydraulic pressure test, crimping, flaring, flattening and other tests.

Cold drawn steel pipe

Commonly used specifications for cold-drawn steel tubes: 12mm 14mm 18mm 20mm 25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 35mm 38mm 40mm 42mm 52mm

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