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Pre-treatment and mold design requirements for cold drawn steel tubes
Jan 04, 2019

The pretreatment of the cold drawn steel tube not only contributes to the smooth progress of the drawing work, but also improves the yield, and makes the finished product surface smooth and uniform, and the rust prevention effect is good. It should be noted that the cold drawn steel tube must be thoroughly pickled and rusted before the pretreatment. Once it is found that the rust is not removed, it needs to be pickled again.


Secondly, in the pretreatment process of cold drawn steel tube, the concentration of phosphating solution and saponification liquid must be regularly checked to ensure that the production indexes of phosphating solution and saponification liquid are satisfied, and when it is found that the index is not met, it should be timely formulated. . At the same time, the temperature and operating time of the treatment liquid must be strictly controlled.


In addition to standardizing the pre-processing operations, the design of the mold must also be taken seriously. We know that the cold drawn steel tube is drawn by a mold of a certain shape and size under the action of force, so the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the mold directly affect the dimensional accuracy and quality of the finished product. The sizing size of the inner and outer molds in the mold design should consider the amount of springback of the finished product after cold drawing. The surface of the mold should have lower roughness requirements, and the mold material should be made of high-strength wear-resistant

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