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Seamless tube physical performance test
Nov 29, 2017

Seamless tube physical performance test 1, according to institutional performance supply of domestic seamless pipe, ordinary carbon steel according to GB / T700-88 Class A steel manufacturing (but must ensure that sulfur content does not exceed 0.050% and phosphorus content does not exceed 0.045%), the mechanical properties should be consistent with GB8162-87 the value specified in the table. 2, according to the hydraulic test supply of domestic seamless pipe must ensure that the standard hydraulic test. 3, the inspection of the physical properties of imported seamless pipe according to the relevant provisions of the contract standards. 2, use 2.1, seamless pipe uses a wide range. General-purpose seamless pipe made of common carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel is rolled with the most output and is mainly used as a pipe or a structural part for transporting fluid. 2, according to the use of different sub-three types of supply: a, according to the chemical composition and mechanical properties of supply; b, according to the mechanical properties of supply; c, press hydraulic supply. According to a, b class supply of steel, as used to withstand liquid pressure, but also to carry out hydrostatic test. 3, a special purpose seamless tube Boiler with seamless pipe, seamless pipe with geological and petroleum and other kinds of seamless. 3, type 1, seamless steel pipe according to different production methods can be divided into hot-rolled tubes, cold-rolled tubes, cold drawn tubes, extruded tubes. 2, according to the shape of a round tube, shaped tube points. Shaped tube in addition to the square tube and rectangular tube, there are oval tube, semicircular tube, triangular tube, hexagonal tube, convex tube, plum-shaped tube. 3, according to the different materials, divided into ordinary carbon structural tubes, low alloy structural tubes, high-quality carbon structural tubes, alloy structural tubes, stainless steel tubes. 4, divided by special purpose, there are boiler tubes, geological tubes, oil pipes and so on.

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