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The decisive factor of what material is used for the Oil cylinder piston rod
Jul 23, 2018

Cylinder piston rod is an indispensable part of the hydraulic system, and what material is used, which is generally determined according to the special characteristics of the cylinder. Most of the matching materials are thyristor-changing materials. This setting can also be avoided. A spark has occurred. If you want to make the equipment more efficient, it is recommended to use this form of operation to ensure the normal use of materials and equipment.


In order to achieve the use of more advanced controllable cylinder rods, the cylinder rods should be of a frequency material that allows the current to be transmitted stably and to avoid accidents. In addition, some of the cylinder rods in the cylinder need to be combined with the equipment to change the material, but when changing the material, pay attention to the demand, avoid the choice of induction heating materials, so that the piston rod can be directly used for production. Processing.


What kind of material can be used to achieve the desired effect of the Oil cylinder piston rod? These must be carefully and carefully understood before purchasing and using. The process of winding with a hollow copper tube is common nowadays, but we must pay attention to access. Certain high frequency changes and AC design, this setting is the main form of workpiece processing and matching.

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